Name changes: 

2009 - 2013 - Known as iPark Valet

2013-2015 - Known as ParkPlus+ Valet

2015 - Columbia Parking Company 

*we are still operating under the name ParkPlus+ Valet

It has been a pleasure to operate as iPark, inception in San Francisco, CA in 2009.  My family arrived in the SFBA in the 1890's.  I am a 5th generation "San Franciscan".  

The city by the Bay has spawn so much growth for the United States. From the days of the first Mormons arriving in 1845 shortly after John Montgomery hoisted the flag over Portsmouth Square and John Sutter's subsequent discovery of gold in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in 1849. To the modern day prosperity of the tech boom in Silicon Valley.  In 2009 I came up with name iPark as a perfect fit to describe the elegant way in which 'I' personally park your car -  in this incredible city and near-by valley and hills.  

It is with great please that I have passed that name on to "Billie" who runs an amazing parking company based in New York City and as of 2013, iParkValet has, with great honor, sold its naming rights to Imperial Parking of New York.  Imperial Parking is a highly noble and professional business that should carry the iPark name on for many generations to come. We are pleased to introduce you to them as we have chosen to operate now on an alternative name being, Columbia Parking Company.  

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to augment and heighten your parking experience focused in the markets of California, New York and Florida.  Thank you for choosing us.